Thai raw papaya salad

This salad is prepared using raw papaya. The tang of this food item is completely different from the other usual salads that we have in our daily routine life. This salad can be purely made vegetarian. This dish can create a great impact if you prepare it for special occasions or general family get together.

This dish is the best for people who are following weight loss food plans. The preparation method is very simple and it contains very few calories. Apart from this it full of nutrients. If you wish to have something special for meals, then you must definitely make an attempt to prepare this dish.

Preparation time : 10 minutes
Servings: Two bowls or plates

Ingredients for making Thai raw papaya salad:

If the papaya is big, use half of it
Half cup cashews or peanuts (roasted)
2 cups sprouts (bean)
1 or 2 tomatoes, cut them in to small cubes or long bits
3 or 4 spring onions, chop them long and thin
Half cup basil (fresh) leaves, can be kept whole or be chopped
Few fresh coriander leaves (fresh)
1 or 2 red chili, seeds separated and chopped (optional)
Some green beans blenched (optional)
Fried tofu (cubed) or baby shrimp boiled (optional)

Ingredients for beautifying the salad:

½ cup soya sauce (vegetarians), shrimp paste or one table spoon fish sauce for meat lovers.
2 tablespoons - Refined or vegetable oil
3 tablespoons - Lime juice
1 tablespoon - Honey
3-4 tablespoons chili flakes

Method of preparation:
  • The papaya must be green and slightly orange. The flesh inside should be slightly orange or white.
  • Mix all the dressing ingredients into a cup. Stir it thoroughly the honey and shrimp paste should blend fully. If you want the salad to be a little sweeter you can add a little more honey.
  • Peel away the skin of the papaya, cut it into halves. Remove the seeds completely. Grate the papaya into thin strips like a ribbon. Place it in a huge container.
  • Include all the ingredients.  Combine it with the dressing items.
  • Include nuts and mix the whole combination thoroughly. If you want to increase the tang you can add more fish or soy sauce.
  • It can be served in plates or bowls.

If you wish to store the salad for a long time, you can mix the dressing and nuts later at the time of serving, you can place it in the refrigerator for storage. 

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