Sweet Corn Soup

Sweet corn soup is a flavorful recipe filled with goodness of health. The dish will please sweet corn lovers. It is a simple dish and does not require much of the ingredients. 

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Servings: 3


Sweet corn kernels – ½ cup
Carrot, chopped, ½ cup
Beans, finely chopped, ½ cup
Water – 2 cups
Pepper powder – 1/8 teaspoon
Cornflour – 2 tablespoons
Onion, finely chopped, 1 tablespoon
Spring onion, chopped, 1 tablespoon
Black pepper powder – ½ teaspoon
Sugar – ½ teaspoon
Oregano – 1/4th teaspoon
Salt, to taste


  1. Chop all the vegetables and make them ready. 
  2. Sauté carrot, beans, and onion in 1 tablespoon of oil in a saucepan on medium flame. 
  3. In another cooking pot, add water and bring it to boil. 
  4. Add cooked vegetables into the boiling water. 
  5. Cook the vegetables in water for 2 minutes on high heat. 
  6. Mix 1 ½ tablespoon of cornflour with water in a bowl and keep it aside. Avoid formation of lumps by adding the flour in an even manner while stirring. 
  7. Add the cornflour mixture into boiling water. Mix the ingredients thoroughly to avoid lump formation. 
  8. Add sugar and pepper powder and stir well. Simmer on low flame for 5 minutes. 
  9. Add oregano and spring onions. Simmer for another 3 minutes and switch off. 
  10. Garnish with salt and pepper before serving hot. 

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